Antiseptic Creams & Sprays

VetSet Blue Spray

Blue spray 1
A Blue spray on antiseptic containing highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents. Contains Chlorophen & Triclosan.

  • Highly effective cleansing action which kills germs and inhibits re-infection.
  • Accurate nozzle for controlled localised application
  • Cost effective spray action
  • An invaluable aid in infection control
 Stock No:  Description  Size
 1362  Blue spray aerosol  200 ml

VetSet Wound Gel


A revolutionary wound gel containing silver ions shown to kill 99% of bacteria.  A ‘must have’ for all first aid kits.

 Stock No:  Description  Size
 3934  Wound Healing Gel  100 ml

VetSet Aluminium Spray


For complete coverage of areas with an elastic, disinfecting impermeable metal film. Therefore providing a protected environment against bacterial contamination and other environmental influences.

 Stock No:  Description  Size
 1361  Aluminium Silver spray  200 ml

VetSet Super Cream

Antibacterial healing cream. Water repellent antibacterial cream for minor wounds, abrasions, sores & sunburn. A clinically proven, traditional formula containing a mixture of antibacterial and antifungal ingredients which work together to protect the skin tissue and promote skin healing.

 Stock No:  Description  Size
 4376  Super Cream Ointment  500 g

VetSet Power Spray


A highly effective formulation, particularly against the micro-organisms that cause ringworm and most other strains or pathogenic bacteria. Contains a purple dye for easy identification.

 Stock No:  Description  Size
 1369  Power spray  750 ml

VetSet Kaolin Poultice


The traditional formulation of Kaolin Poultice has had consistent results for generations. Using only the highest quality sterilised Kaolin and other traditional healing agents, it is well respected as an aid in the reduction of inflammation and pain.

 Stock No:  Description  Size
 1520  Kaolin Poultice  5 kg